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Harrison Michigan Sportsmans Club

Harrison Sportsmans Club


1. Your membership is a family membership. You, your spouse, and children under the age of 18, are all included. You may bring a guest with you to our facility.

2. At signing, you will receive the gate lock combination. You will receive the new combination on your membership card. You may enter and use ranges any time after 10:00 A.M. until dusk, except when scheduled events are taking place. These events can be found in your newsletter or on our website. After entering, close the gate and put lock in chain with gate closed.

3. Range Rules:
a. Eye and ear protection required on all firearm ranges.
b. All firearms must remain unloaded until at the firing line.
c. Keep muzzle down range at all times when on the firing line.
d. All shooting must be done on targets that are attached to supplied backers.
e. No alcoholic beverages allowed on ranges. Alcohol is not to be consumed before or during any event.
f. Always anchor targets centered on backers.
g. Do not shoot at anything anchored to posts.
h. No temporary targets may be set farther away from the berm than the permanent backers.
i. You may not shoot at bottles, cans or glass objects.
j. Please pick up all shell casings when finished shooting and either put into trash or recycle.

4. Archery Range: The outside 3D course requires a shooting fee due to the cost of the targets.
Money can be deposited in the drop-box outside of Trap building.

5. All club meetings are the first Tuesday of each month. The Board of Directors meet at 6:00 P.M and the regular membership meetings start at 7:00 P.M. Each member in attendance is credited with one half hour (1/2) of volunteer time towards his or her eight (8) hour membership requirement. Please note that meeting dates/times are subject to change.

6. A member who works eight (8) hours during the membership year (September 1 to August 31) will have his/her dues reduced by half. Each member gets credit for time worked. For example, if a member and spouse work four (4) hours each, their work credit has been met for the year. If a member’s child is seventeen (17) and will be eighteen (18) before September and wishes to become a member on their own, then they may do so joins during the September/October time frame.

7. You may contact our officers by phone or email as listed in the newsletter. You may also visit our website at with any questions pertaining to the club.

8. As a member you are eligible to rent the clubhouse and kitchen facilities. Tables and chairs are included. Contact any officer for scheduling availability and rates.

9. We have a large outdoor barbecue grill behind the clubhouse. It is available for use by members. There are several picnic tables within the grounds that are also available for use.

10. A Life membership is available to members under the age of 55 for $700.00 and for members over age 55 for $400.00. This membership also entitles you to a one-time use of the clubhouse and facility. This is free and must be scheduled through the event scheduler. The requested date must be available and can not conflict with any club-scheduled events.

11. Elections for officers and directors of the club are held every year at the September annual meeting. We encourage you to attend meetings and become involved in club projects. Each member over the age of 18 years is eligible to run for a position among the Officers and Board Members. Dues must be paid in full in order to have voting rights.

12. Dues are due on September 1 of each year. There is a grace period until October 1. After October 1, you lose credit for any hours worked and must pay full dues.

13. Range Conflicts: For safety reasons Trap, 25 and 50 yd. Ranges must not be used when Pistol or Archery ranges are in use. The 100-yd. Range may be used at any time. Please remember to utilize "Range in Use” signs when shooting on that particular range, if available.

At our club: Large clubhouse with kitchen, and ranges as described below:
100-yd. Range- 12 position rifle range with pavilion.
50-yd. Range- 8 position rifle range with pavilion.
25-yd. Range- 5 position rifle range with pavilion.
Pistol range- 10 positions with 6 distances
Trap range – heated range with year round shooting
Outdoor Archery range – 28 targets outside 3D
Indoor Archery range – 20 yd. Inside heated.
Free youth instructional archery in winter
Pellet league – instructional in winter
Youth instructional 22 rifle training during the summer.