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Harrison Michigan Sportsmans Club


Harrison Sportsmans Club

Join the Harrison Sportsman's Club On-line using Paypal

Harrison Sportsman's Club dues schedule is found below.  Please select your designation and add to the cart.  Dues schedule is September 1 - August 31.  If dues are not paid by October 1, you are removed from the database and will not receive the newsletter or gate combination.  Further, any volunteer hours credited from September - August will be deleted.  You are then considered a lapsed member. 

You will find FIRST time member option.  This is for first time members only when they join anytime during the timeframe listed.  If, during this time frame, you acquire volunteer hours, you may renew at the reduced rate.  This option is not available for lapsed members.

MUCC is not a requirement.  Currently, the club is paying $5 for each member.  This entitles you to receive the digital subscription of MUCC Out-of-Doors via email.  This does require that you provide your email address to the Membership Secretary.  If you choose to not provide your email address or do not have an email address, the club is still obligated to pay $5 for your benefit.  Should you wish to donate towards this to help the club defer the cost, please add this to your cart and proceed as instructed.  The $5 is NOT pro-rated.  Our renewal year with MUCC is October 1 - September 30 with deadline cutoff as November 1.  Hard copy requests can be accepted at any time.  The hard copy subscription is good for one year from the time MUCC receives your payment of $20.00.  This is forwarded to them via the Membership Secretary.  Should you choose to pay via check, please make payable to MUCC and mail to PO Box 548, Harrison, MI  48625.  This is also not a requirement. 

If mailing your due's payment, complete the Membership Application form and include with your payment. If paying online, either following directions for submitting your Membership Application form or send a separate email to Membership Secretary at Please include the following information:

1. Name for membership card, mailing address, city, state, zip and contact number

2.  Newsletter preference: Paper Mailing (PM) or Electronic Notification (EN)  If EN, email address to use.

(Note: Your email address and personal information are not visible. They are not shared or sold for any reason. You are sent an email notifying you that the newsletter is ready to view on the website along with the current gate combination. You may view the calendar and past newsletters anytime.

3. Do you wish to receive email updates? YES or NO  If Yes, email address to use if different than #3.

(Note:  These are rare. Sometimes we send out reminders or updates to ranges, i.e. closures or newly scheduled events.

4.  Do you give permission for HSC to share your email address with Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) so you can receive the digital subscription to Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine?  YES or NO  If yes, email address to use if different than #2 or #3.

You can contact the Membership Secretary through the Contact Form. You may also call 989-539-3079. No calls past 7pm please.  You must leave a message if prompted and a call will be returned within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

1 year dues structure Sept - Aug